Good-Sense Driving Tips from an Auto Repair Shop!

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Even though the cost of fuel is going down, a lot of drivers still find they want to keep to a tight budget as they head back to work and school after summer road trips. An auto repair shop would like to offer smart-driving tips to help drivers save dollars at the pump, keep the environment clean, and prevent major auto repair.

Increase the performance of your vehicle with these auto repair tips:

* Replace air filters. Your vehicle will become less fuel efficient and the engine will have to work harder if it has a clogged air filter.
* Follow the manufacturer-recommended maintenance schedule. Be serious about auto repair–your car’s performance depends on it.
* Regular oil change intervals. Use the right oil with the proper oil viscosity.
* Avoid idling. If you have to sit and wait more than a few minutes, turn the engine off.
* Observe the speed limit. Driving over 60mph uses more fuel. Use your cruise control on long stretches of road to maintain a steady speed and avoid fast acceleration.
* Use lower octane fuel. Save money by buying the lowest octane possible unless your car requires premium.
* Don’t “top off.” Overfilling the gas tank wastes dollars as the additional gas will generally slop and seep off.
* Tighten the gas cap. Gas will evaporate if it has an avenue of escape. A loose, missing, or damaged cap can cause you to lose up to 30 gals per year.
* Proper tire pressure. Underinflated tires make your engine work harder by creating more resistance, reducing fuel mileage and tire life by as much as 15%.
* Regular engine service. A poorly running engine or a misfiring spark plug significantly lowers mileage.
* Eliminate drag. Keep your wheels properly aligned and balanced. Remove roof racks or bicycle racks when not being used, and unnecessary items from the trunk.
* Fuel Injector cleaning service. A clean fuel system restores performance and improves drivability, maximizing fuel economy and reducing vehicle emissions.

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